Here are some of the certifications of mine 📚


eLearnSecurity Junior Pentester (eJPT)

The eJPT is a certification for advanced IT professionals who have just begun their journey in penetration testing.


eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester eXtreme (eWPTXv2)

The eWPTX is a certification for individuals with a highly technical understanding of web application security.


TCP/IP Certification from Yonsei University

Introduction to TCP/IP that include IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, addressing, routing, domain names, etc. and and PC/laptop's security and gateway Internet setup and basic principles.


Certified Ethical Hacker Practical (CEH)

A certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) is well versed with Ethical hacking techniques and has demonstrated the same when tested in an environment that mimics a real corporate network through the use of live virtual machines, networks, and applications, designed to test your skills.


ThrowBack Machine (TryHackMe)

Throwback is an Active Directory (AD) lab that teaches the fundamentals and core concepts of attacking a Windows network.